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Jacobs University CS Student Success in Industry and Academia

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Making Students Fit for Industry & Science: Jacobs University continuously strives to offer highest quality standards in student education. In the field of Computer Science, our goal is to enable students to become successful IT professionals, be it in an industry or in an academic career.

It is a distinct Jacobs University feature that students make careers in Germany and worldwide in many well-known places. Industry repeatedly has confirmed that Jacobs University is well on track and Jacobs University students convey key success factors.

Already during their studies, students demonstrate that by excelling in international competitions in programming and robotics competitions. Just as one highlight, in September 2012 Jacobs CS undergrads Stefan Mirea (Romania) and Dominik Kundel (Germany) won the Facebook developer contest over 300 participants. See more success stories...

The CHE ranking of 2009 lists Computer Science at Jacobs University on rank one for the general study situation ("Studiensituation insgesamt") among more than 80 universities in Germany and selected European institutions. Jacobs CS students rate their university top in facets like mentoring quality, contact with teachers, study organization, e-learning, and relevance for science and career. Thus, they effectively place Jacobs University even ahead of some German excellence universities. Already the 2007 CHE ranking has evaluated Jacobs University 2nd across Germany in the categories "study conditions", "lab equipment", and "mentoring and supervision" (see also press release).

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